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IELTS Advantage

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Writing Corrections Service

Learn what mistakes will cause you to fail your IELTS test and how to fix them so you can increase your score.

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Group Classes

Fast-track your progress by practicing with an IELTS expert and other VIP students.

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Mock Speaking Tests

A full Speaking test with an analysis of your scores and your key mistakes, plus advice on how to improve.

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1-to-1 Lessons

Work with an IELTS expert to improve your weaknesses and fix your key mistakes so you can increase your score as quickly as possible.

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50-minute sessions where you work with an IELTS expert and other VIP students to work on overcoming key mistakes and areas of weaknesses.

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Find out more about Group Classes

Group Classes are designed for students who want to work with a teacher to fast track their Writing progress. 

Learn more about Workshops

Workshops are 50-minute live sessions that can help you overcome specific key mistakes and weaknesses that are stopping you from getting the scores you need.

Want to know your level?

Use the Writing Correction Service and Mock Speaking Tests for an accurate Band score, along with an analysis of why you got that score and how to improve.

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